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Security Notification May 2024
This is to confirm that we are trialling a new Business Account with mettle. Invoices produced after September 1st, 2023 may therefore have different bank account details. The sort code will be 04-03-33 and the individual digits in the account number will total 33.
I have posted the same message on my Facebook page. If you have any concerns, please contact me.

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Antivirus & Content Filtering

AVAST CloudCare AVAST have come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years with a number of key acquisitions. Their CloudCare product should now be considered as a cost effective replacements for Norton and McAfee. As an authorised AVAST Reseller we can offer you the entire AVAST CloudCare product range from single home licenses to full business deployments. Get the FREE AVAST Antivirus software for home use or a 30 day trial of the full CloudCare package for businesses.

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Security & Privacy

Anti-Fraud and Security project Our 2020 Cyber Essentials certification shows that we know what we are talking about. We have also helped many other companies with their CE, GDPR & PCI compliance issues.

Most wireless networks are not secure or can be breached in under 5 minutes even when they are using encryption. We offer to check and reconfigure your system if required. Alternatively we can recommend cost effective replacements for any IT equipment that can't be made secure.

Many small business websites get implemented without a full security and privacy review. This can lead to information being inadvertently published for use by spammers or your competitors. Give us a call and let us check out your website, it normally only takes a couple of hours and could save you major embarrassment.

Case Study: Security

An established local business was showing me their new website that had recently gone live. I pointed out the risk of having a link from their homepage to their Content Management System, but they explained it was 'secure' as you had to login with an alias and password.

It took less than 10 minutes to gain access to their secure system. The login page included a password 'reminder' feature that confirmed the guessed alias existed in the database. The proprietor's account was immediately confirmed, as was the web designer's account. Lucky guessing provided one of the passwords after about 12 attempts - no sign of a lockout feature was evident.

People often think their website is of no interest to hackers as it doesn't handle credit cards or user data, but they are wrong. If a hacker gains access to your site, it will be used to host malicious software or used to launch attacks on other businesses - ignoring the legal implicaitons - as a minimum it will damage both your reputation and your Google rankings.

Geographic Data

Fun, marketing, security or paranoa? We all want to know who's looking at us and what they are doing.

The majority of hacking originates from abroad, so blocking login attempts from the other side of the world makes good sense.

Blocked hacking attempts

Do you appear on the globe in the correct location, and are you on my naughty list?

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