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Our Service

Our aim is to design, develop and implement IT solutions that meet your business needs. Areas we have particular expertise in include; Remote access to Email
  • Windows Desktops
  • Onsite Servers
  • Anti-Spam Email Filtering
  • GDPR & PCI Compliance
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • IP/CCTV Video Systems
  • Office and Remote Email
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Network Design (Wifi, VPN etc)

Case Study: Technical Solution

A local Estate Agent had originally setup their own website to advertise their properties and had recently signed up with a well known national portal. Unfortunately they soon ran into problems with keeping the two different systems synchronised and numerous errors occurred which could have impacted their business.

greenwood-IT were asked to come up with a solution to this problem, and to make it simple and reliable. The solution we implemented involved analysing the portals database schema and developing a new website for the Estate Agent that utilised the same database. This meant that staff could continue to use the portals editor package and transparently update their own website without any specialist knowledge.

Cloud Based SPAM Filtering

Stop Spam Harvesters, Join Project Honey Pot We always used to run our own Microsoft Exchange Email server within greenwood-IT and had handled 29.2M emails in 5 years. Of those, 99.4% were SPAM, Junk or Phishing - basically just wasting our time and bandwidth. In Janury 2015 someone decided to attack our servers and hit us with over 1M messages in 24hrs. The systems survived but it filled our storage and this had a knock effect on to our backups and general email performance for days afterwards. This incident persuaded us to move our antispam and virus filtering offsite and into a cloud based provider. If you run your own email systems (ie, the MX record points to your server) then speak to us about cloud filtering - we love it! :-)

Remote Site Monitoring (40)

   UPS on Mains Floating UPS on Mains (Floating)
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Although this website is hosted in Gloucester it's actually monitoring the 240v mains in our office in Hythe. If there is a power cut on Hollybank, then the whole world can tell!

We offer remote monitoring and support for all of our deployed routers and servers, which means we generally know when they are down before you do. This also means that we can proactively maintain your hardware when firmware or software updates for security, reliability and performance issues become available.

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