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Security Notification May 2024
This is to confirm that we are trialling a new Business Account with mettle. Invoices produced after September 1st, 2023 may therefore have different bank account details. The sort code will be 04-03-33 and the individual digits in the account number will total 33.
I have posted the same message on my Facebook page. If you have any concerns, please contact me.

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Why Cyber Essentials?

The growing threat of cyber-related crime is quickly becoming a major concern for most organisations small and large. With regular reports of high-profile businesses falling victim to cybercrime across the globe as well local scams being reported on social media, itís the responsibility of every organisation to ensure they adequately protect themselves, their staff and their customers.

What is Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Cyber Essentials is a cyber security certification, published in June 2014, that is backed by the UK Government in collaboration with the industry to promote a standard in cyber security practices across all industries and sectors. Based on five key controls, the scheme is designed to encourage organisations to adopt good security practices to address a number of common threats and minimise risk (even for businesses which arenít particularly experienced in technology). An official Assurance Framework has been produced to enable organisations to successful obtain the certification by providing relevant guidance in the steps required to implement the appropriate controls to be compliance with the scheme at relatively low cost.

greenwood-IT and Cyber Essentials

The entire greenwood-IT business achieved its' Cyber Essentials certification in 2020 through the IASME Consortium, an accreditation body appointed by the UK Government.

National Cyber Security Centre As a technology company, greenwood-IT had already adopted a number of best practices and protective measures to protect its and its customers' digital assets and information, as well as advising clients how to do the same themselves. In addition to the practices described by the Cyber Essentials scheme, we also adhere to the guidance outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre's (NCSC), including 10 Steps to Cyber Security and Cloud Security Principles. The NCSC was setup by the UK Government to help protect critical services cyber attacks, manage major incidents and improve the underlying security of the United Kingdom. Part of GCHQ, the NCSC works in collaboration with organisations and citizens to reduce the cyber security risk that exists today.

greenwood-IT Cyber Essentials Press Release
Click here to read our Cyber Essentials Press Release labyrinth-fingered

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