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 " John has been highly supportive of us in our amateur efforts to present our community and its campaigns. A large part of our success is due to his sorting the web side of things for us. "

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As a business we all need to be reliable and perform well, this includes our IT systems and network infrastructure too. Frequently when an IT system is unreliable or slow an expensive upgrade is seen as the solution. There may be less expensive alternatives worth considering.

Check for remote connection issues
IPv6 Test
Check future proofing

Broadband Checklist

  • Wifi or Wire problem?
  • Do you have the same problem on your phone as on your wired PC?

  • Your device only?
  • Do other devices connected to the same router have the same problems at the same time?

  • Is there a pattern?
  • Does the problem happen at tthe same time each day, or when the washing machine is on, or when the kids are home?

  • Just your place?
  • Do others connected to the same telephone pole or green box have the same issues?

  • Do you have spares?
  • Can you swap wires, do you have a spare router?

The knee jerk reaction of shouting 'lets switch broadband provider' isn't always the best or cheapest option - it's really a last resort. Replacing a damaged cable, or adding an descent Access Point is far quicker and simpler.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Air Conditioner Failure How safe is your data, what exactly do you backup and how do you know its working? There are a number of 'offsite' storage services available but would a simple USB device be more cost effective and simpler to use? Give us a call and we can give you advice on possible solutions to make your business recovery simpler should a disaster occur in the future. You can always replace a lost computer but you can't replace lost business data.

Case Study: Disaster Recovery

greenwood-IT were asked to replace an aging Windows desktop with a new and updated machine of a higher specification. The company in question had been backing up its customer database on two separate USB drives every day for the last five years without any problems.

After configuring the new desktop machine and restoring the last backup from the USB drive, it was found that there were no customer records on the new system. Upon investigation it was found that the backup process had been copying an empty 'sample database' that was created by the original product installation. If the old Windows machine had been stolen or infected by a virus then it's quite likely that the business would have been unable to recover.

As of 2013, greenwood-IT now offers a reliable and cost effective Offsite Backup solution.

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