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COVID-19 Update May 2022
John is now fully vaccinated and carrying out regular Rapid Antigen test to protect both his clients and himself. The impact of people working from home, and the delays in obtaining IT equipment is however having an impact on our response rates - so please bare with us. All work and travel is undertaken in line with current Government recommendations.

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Lightning & Thunderstorms

greenwood-IT are an active memebr of the lightning detector project (I'm the little green dot over Hythe on the live map!). The project utilises custom motherboards and firmware created by Blitzortung and constructed by individuals all over the world.

greenwood-IT Lightning Detector Live Lightning Strikes

Click either map above for a live Lightening map. I suggest selecting the menu from the top right corner of the popup (=) and turning on 'Live Links' and 'Sound' - but then I'm a nerd :-)

Circuit board construction Good weatehr for diving

The ciruits are USB powered and contain a GPS reciever that provides a time signal (accurate to within 0.2ns (200x10-12) as well as a GPS location for the system. The various arials are configured to pickup the electrical signatures generated by lightning strikes, and this is all feed back to the Blitzortung servers. When combined with other stations, the signatures can be matched and used to triangulate an accurate location.

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